UTM Setup Guide

UTM Setup Guide

Google Setup:

1. Navigate to the relevant account:

2. Go to "Settings" -> "Account Settings":

Note, if the account you are in has sub-accounts this setting section may not be available, simply navigate to the relevant sub-account.

3. In tracking section paste the following url in the "Final Url Suffix" field:


The above url structure helps us do our own independent tracking and attribution on your site traffic.

Note, if you set up any parameters in the campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword settings those settings will override this setting. Please ensure you are always using the Seeda parameters with any parameters that you are using and that you do not duplicate parameter names. 


Facebook Setup:

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager and select “Capaigns” from the left-hand icon menu

2. Go to the Campaign level of your Ads manager and select the checkboxes of only the active campaigns and any other campaigns your are likely to turn back on.

3. Navigate to the Ad Set level of your ads manager and select the checkboxes of only the active ad sets and any other ad sets you are likely to turn back on.

4. Navigate to the Ads level of your ads manager and select the checkbox that selects all ads. Then click “Edit”

5. Scroll down to the "Tracking for ads" section and paste the following text into the "URL parameters" section. Then click “Publish” in the bottom right corner.


If you get an error saying not all ads can be published, these are for ads that are not running and you haven't finished setting up. Go ahead and publish any ads that it will allow. Publishing will not turn on any ads that are not already running. 

Make sure to follow these steps for any new ads before you turn them on.


Klaviyo Setup:

1. Navigate to account settings:

2. Go to "Other" -> "UTM tracking"

3.  Turn on "Campaign", "Id" and "Automatically add UTM parameters to links". Then click "Update UTM Tracking Settings":

4. Refresh the page and ensure your changes have taken effect. 

5. In case you have overridden these settings in any of your campaigns or flows, please ensure you have not assigned a different value to the above parameters.


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