turn your data into easy decisions

Overwhelmed by data and unsure what to do with it?
Our AI-driven platform transforms complex datasets into strategic growth opportunities. By connecting all your data points, we provide you with daily IQ-Insights – not just information, but actionable guidance for your crucial business and marketing decisions.

Increase LTV
Increase in ROAS
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Know your numbers

Fed up with juggling multiple platforms to gauge your profit? Connect your accounting, e-commerce, CRM, and marketing data in one seamless interface. Instantly accessing yesterday's orders, net/gross profit, MER, ROAS, and more.


Maximize your ad spend impact

Struggling with the guesswork of ad budget allocation? Say goodbye to uncertainty with our AI-powered recommendations, which determine the percentage to spend on Google vs. Facebook ads, resulting in higher ROI and more cost-effective decision-making.

Increase in ROI
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