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Our AI-driven Marketing Recommendations

Here’s why Seeda is your dream teammate when it comes to marketing!

Know where your most valuable customers came from

Want to know where your customers are from, what steps they took to become your customers and how much they've spent so you can identify premium customers? 

Well, our Customer score module does exactly this. You can find out which customers and which marketing operations you need to focus more for better results in an instant.


Make sure you utilising your ad spend as effectively as possible

Seeda can accurately track customer behaviour across your website. From the pages they visited, the categories they explored, and the products they bought—Seeda sees it all.

With this data, we provide recommendations on how you can reduce spending on digital ads while improving results.


Find out exactly what your customers are doing and optimise accordingly

Not sure what your customers are doing and when?

Worry not. Find out exactly which buttons they’re clicking, which forms they’re filling out, and which pages they’re visiting on your website. No need to scratch your heads trying to identify different customer behaviour, it’s all done for you without you having to do anything!

Seeda Customer Profile

Enjoy an eagle-eye view over your marketing efforts

With Seeda’s advanced capabilities, we can give you a birds-eye view of what’s happening across your business by analysing how many visitors are visiting your website, what actions they are taking, high-performing web pages, and more.

If there's even a slight change in the number of website visitors or they don’t take the desired action, we’ll find the potential causes and recommend actions you need to take to improve your traffic and conversions.

Know exactly what avenues are encouraging your customers to convert

Want to highlight events that turn your prospects into customers?

Seeda can highlight events such as from which medium prospects are coming from, the devices and browsers they use, their locations, and any action they’ve performed during any of their website visits and give recommendations.

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Understand the attributive data behind every step your customers take

You can collect data about every customer interaction from the first interaction, so you know the mediums through which a customer got to know about you before doing business with you.

You can even create custom models to identify multiple customer interactions before they become your customer.

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Powerful data storage

Feeling overwhelmed hopping across different systems to look at your customer and marketing data to get ideas about marketing strategies?

That’s why Seeda brings together the data from the gazillion different marketing tools out there and gives you actionable recommendations, so you can see the full picture of what happens across your website and improve your marketing efforts.

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Smart alerts

Never worry about missing an issue affecting your revenue or customer experience ever again.

Seeda provides real-time alert messages so you can act quickly and avoid potential missteps or missed opportunities.

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Try Our Features Today!

Whether you’re a business owner, running marketing operations for your company, or an agency, our features can add real value to your marketing campaigns.

So, don’t wait, get hands-on experience with Seeda today.