Shopify Setup Guide

Please follow the setup guide below to connect Shopify to Seeda.


To connect your Shopify account to Seeda, you need:

  • Admin Access to a Shopify account
  • A shop and shop name

Setup instructions

Create a custom app

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.
  2. On the left-hand navigation menu, click Apps, and then select App and sales channel settings.

  3. Click Develop apps.
  4. Click Create an app.
  5. Enter an App name.
  6. In the App developer drop-down menu, select the appropriate developer.
  7. Click Create app.
  1. Configure the following Admin API scopes:
  • read_products
  • read_customers
  • read_orders
  • read_price_rules
  • read_fulfillments
  • read_shipping
  • read_draft_orders
  • read_inventory
  • read_shopify_payments_payouts
  • read_shopify_payments_disputes
  • read_content
  • read_themes
  • read_product_listings
  • read_customers
  • read_locations
  • read_script_tags
  • read_assigned_fulfillment_orders
  • read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders
  • read_third_party_fulfillment_orders
  • read_analytics
  • read_reports
  • read_discounts
  • read_marketing_events
  • read_resource_feedbacks
  • read_translations
  • read_locales
  1. NOTE: The read_gift_cards and read_users scopes are available only for Shopify Plus accounts. To sync data from the GIFT_CARD and USER tables, contact Shopify Support to enable these scopes for your account.
  2. Click Install App.
  3. On the API credentials page, make a note of the Admin API access token. Enter this access token in the Shopify connection page as shown below. Press save & test to complete.

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