Meta/Facebook Ads Setup Guide

Meta/Facebook Ads Setup Guide

Follow our step by step guide to connect your Facebook Ad account to Seeda


To connect Facebook to Seeda you will need;

Setup Instructions

👉 Step 1 - Connect Facebook to Seeda 

  1. In your Seeda dashboard click on Connections in the left -hand menu, then find the Facebook tile and select Connect
  2. In the Authentication Method section select Grant User Access then click Authorize
  1. Fivetran will now request access to your Meta Business Suite via your Facebook account. Select Continue
  1. In the Sync Mode section select the Sync Specific Accounts option
  2. In the Accounts section check the box of the relevant facebook ad account
  1. Then click Save & Test 

NOTE: It is essential that you set up UTM Parameters for your Facebook ads in order for Seeda to work correctly. You can find the UTM Setup Guide in the Seeda Help Centre or by clicking here.

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