How to leverage AI to take your digital marketing operations to the next level

AI is revolutionizing digital marketing operations by enabling businesses to leverage chatbots, automate content generation and curation, and enhance digital advertising. Chatbots improve customer experience by answering frequently asked questions, while AI automates content creation and assists in developing comprehensive content strategies. AI-powered advertising systems target the right audience using sophisticated algorithms and big data. Incorporating AI into digital marketing strategies is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and achieve desired results. To learn more about leveraging AI in your digital marketing strategy, Seeda's experts can provide guidance and assistance.

Whenever you think about ‘artificial intelligence’, you may be taken back to a sci-fi movie where humans have developed synthetic consciousness, but once you step away from the fantasy element, you’ll realise that AI is just a system that can perform tasks that typically require human intervention or intelligence.

This could involve anything from solving problems and helping customers with their queries to diagnosing medical conditions and recognising emotions.

Even though AI is a term that’s infinitely popular these days, there are still some who don’t fully understand the concept. Chances are you’ve even heard your friends arguing about it during a TV show or movie but still failed to fully comprehend what it means.

Now, as a digital marketer or a business owner, you may be wondering what AI has to do with digital marketing. Well, let’s take a close look at how AI is shaping digital marketing operations and taking them to the next level.

Utilise chatbots

If there’s a single form of AI that businesses see as a game-changer, it’s chatbots. Chatbots are already being used on different websites since they’re excellent at answering customers’ frequently asked questions.

The main fascination that digital marketers have with chatbots is the impact they have on your customers’ experience. Some businesses simply don’t have the manpower or hours to answer customer inquiries quickly. Chatbots enable your customers to help themselves.

There is a right and wrong way to use chatbots, however. Chatbots shouldn’t have the final say when it comes to customer complaints. You should make it easy for a lead or customer to speak with a human if they prefer it over a chatbot.

Businesses have real potential with smart chatbots as opposed to the simple ones that are regularly seen. These AI-powered systems or chatbots can communicate with humans in real-time using originally generated responses.

In the future, there could even be smart chatbots engaging in lead generation, sales prospecting, and customer service.

Generate and curate content

Today, content marketing has grown into a global industry with some believing that it’s the only type of marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing, AI has the potential to generate and curate content and then place it on the right platforms reaching the right people. This technology is already automating content generation at a very basic level, but eventually, AI may even produce suitable topics for writers and develop drafts based on predetermined parameters.

Strategically speaking, digital marketers can use AI to map out a complete content strategy. Some marketing tools already have this feature and if used properly, it can be used to generate comprehensive reporting on content initiatives using little to no human intervention.

Enhance digital advertising

AI continues to change the way businesses advertise. In fact, the digital advertising strategies used today are impossible without some form of AI. Remember those electric billboards you see on the highways? Even those can be powered by AI-based delivery systems.

These systems generally operate autonomously by placing the right ads in front of the right target audience using sophisticated algorithms and big data.

In the not-too-distant past, developing ads for digital marketing was largely a creative process. While it still may be the case, businesses need to look beyond creativity and put more emphasis on targeting the right people and delivering the right message.

Use AI to revamp your digital marketing operations

AI is no longer a technology that’s seen in the latest sci-fi films. Today, AI is very much a part of digital marketing strategies and is becoming an undeniable asset for businesses.

If you want to learn more about how you can get your digital marketing strategy to achieve the results you need, reach out to the experts at Seeda today.

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